Art/TO 2020

October 28 – November 8, 2020

Norberg Hall is thrilled to be participating in the new hybrid model of Art Toronto. Art/TO 2020 will truly be Canada’s art fair. This year will feature a strong online presence including virtual exhibitions, curated collections, artists talks, tours & much more. This will be complemented by physical programming in select galleries & museums across Canada; focused in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto & Montreal. In expanding the fair’s & footprint, Art/TO aims to bring the art community together to celebrate visual culture at the national level. For more information visit Art/TO.

Robin Arseneault / Mark Dicey / Laura Findlay / Kablusiak / Tyler Los-Jones / Sondra Meszaros / Yvonne Mullock / Marigold Santos / Corri-Lynn Tetz / Larissa Tiggelers / John Will

Art/TO artworks viewing room


VIP Days
October 29 – 30

Public Fair Days
October 31 – November 8

National Gallery Hop
November 7

Norberg Hall is presenting exclusive programming in conjunction with Art/TO 2020


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