Double Insight
w/ Bill Rodgers


Bill Rodgers is a senior Canadian artist based in Calgary, Alberta.  For nearly 50 years, he has contributed to this city’s and nation’s art scene; as a painter, sculptor, and instructor at the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD).

In an effort to maintain safety measures and ensure physical distancing, we have been visiting our artists in their studios virtually. Double Insight is a new series which offers a glimpse into the artist studio and workplace; the sacred place where creative life and creative process coexist. ⁣

Rodgers is known for his craftsmanship and use of multimedia, and has a multifaceted approach to storytelling. Representationally, his work powerfully speaks of time and travels, history, and the personal or shared experience of the past.

His layered approach to his subject’s stem from lengthy research and with unmatched physical discipline and rigor.

Bill’s work can be found in collections such as the Department of Foreign Affairs (Ottawa), Royal Bank of Canada (Toronto), Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Edmonton), Nickle Art Museum (Calgary), Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina) and many more.

Bill’s latest body of work, A Separate and Pleasant View, was on display at JHG in Spring 2020.  This series explores the aspects of the looking glass, more specifically the nature of reflection as an image or aid to image or object.

For more information on Bill Rodgers and the availability of his work, please contact the gallery directly: