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In an effort to maintain safety measures and ensure physical distancing, we have been visiting our artists in their studios virtually. Double Insight is a new series which offers a glimpse into the artist studio and workplace; the sacred place where creative life and creative process coexist. ⁣

Double Insight
w/ Patrick Dunford


Patrick Dunford was born in Winnipeg, MB and completed his MFA at Concordia University in Montreal.  His work and travels have taken him across Canada and most recently he and his family were relocated to San Diego, California.  Throughout his travels, Patrick investigates humans influence on the land as it crosses all borders and boundaries.

Patrick Dunford in desert
Double Insight w/ Patrick Dunford No Trespassing

No matter location, Patrick has split his studio between the open range and four walls.   Drawings are immediate and conceived en plein air, but his paintings are recreated in the studio, built from memory and thick impasto.  Through Dunford, the genre of Canadian landscape painting is stretched to evoke the beauty it is known for, but also the industries that have altered it.

Patrick Dunford rock
kyanite sm
Patrick Dunford, Dump Pile Tungsten, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 14 x 16in.
Entering Wet'Suwet'en Territory
Patrick Dunford art
Patrick Dunford art room
Patrick Dunford train

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