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Marigold Santos
/ binhi at buhol

January 29 – March 13, 2021

Norberg Hall is delighted to present binhi at buhol, a new body of work by Filipinx-Canadian artist Marigold Santos. The exhibition’s title is written in Tagalog/Filipino, offering an access point rooted in language, a foundational aspect of identity that Santos is reclaiming since immigrated to Canada with her family as a child. binhi at buhol translates as “seeds and knots” connoting both growth and binding or constriction. The title imparts a position to speak to nuance within the exhibition providing a compelling place for the viewer to explore how Santos translates her experience of diaspora and fractured identity as a Filipinx-Canadian woman. 



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Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol Exhibit 2

binhi at buhol features new paintings by Santos as well as pieces related to her tattoo practice. In her paintings, drawings and ceramics Santos explores her feelings of a hybrid identity through a mythological creature from the folklore of the Phillippines. The asuangembodies multiplicity in its many representations: a shape-shifting vampire; a witch; undefined and undefinable in gender, age and other Western paradigms of identity; and most intriguing, is its ability to split or divide itself in half and reassemble again, shifting from human-like forms to florae and back again. This power manifests asadaptability, resilience, survival and growth.

detail II shroud envisioning ananas comosus in strata
detail / shroud envisioning (ananas comosus in strata)
Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol 5
shroud envisioning
detail / shroud envisioning (sampalok in strata)
Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol 3
fluid shroud rosal in strata
fluid shroud (rosal in strata) 20x20

In other paintings, the asuang appears as specific florae such as the yucca plant or travellers palm. Santos also employs an evolved form of the asuangin works that feature disembodied parts of the creature. In fluid shroud (rosal in strata) (2020) a black form floats in the middle of the canvas. It appears to ooze and spill wax-like. The form takes shape in tendril-like fingers from which emerge new life in the form of white blossoms; the gardenia, a flower with a captivating fragrance of which Santos holds a deep sensorial body memory of her Filipinx heritage. Rendered in the artist’s familiar inky palette of black and shades of grey, thelandscapes blend imagined and real places. The backgrounds are painted in pastel hues of yellows, pinks, purples, greens and indigo, becoming spaces that are unplaceable and unfixed in linear time.

Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol IMG 0096

In binhi at buhol Marigold Santos weaves the enduring essence of personal empowerment, resilience and joy into the once fearsome folkloric creature of the asuang. Through the evolution of this once terrifying creature, Santos is able to translate the complicated experience of loss, grief and rebirth that accompanies living as an immigrant in diaspora. As the asuang travels through her canvases sprouting flowers that haunt with deep memories of scent, imagined and real places brought together as dreamscapes and the mythic divided yet united figure, the viewer is invited to explore the fragmented experience of immigration and one way that lived existence can be navigated.

Maeve Hanna / art writer

Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol Exhibit 3
Marigold Santos binhi at buhol exhibit 2021 31
detail overlooking looking within
detail / overlooking, looking within

Marigold Santos was born in the Philippines, and immigrated with her family to Canada in 1988. She pursues an inter-disciplinary art practice that examines lived experience and storytelling, presented within the otherworldly. Her work explores self-hood and identity that embraces multiplicity, fragmentation and empowerment, as informed by experiences of movement and migration. She holds a BFA from the University of Calgary, an MFA from Concordia University, and is a recipient of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec. Recent exhibitions include MALAGINTO at the Montreal Arts Interculturels (Montreal, 2019), SURFACE TETHER at the Art Gallery of Alberta (Edmonton, 2019), MALAGINTO at the Dunlop Gallery (Regina, 2019), and Relations: Painting and Diaspora at Fondation Phi (Montreal, 2020). This past year, Marigold was one of the five finalists shortlisted for the 2020 MNBAQ Contemporary Art Award.

Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol exhibit
Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol exhibit 4
Marigold Santos | binhi at buhol ring light

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