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Carrie Allison | Prairie Crocus Animation | 2021



the air between


Jun 3 – Jul 9, 2022



the air between features six artists with distinctly different yet process driven practices. Ruminating on the natural world, these works were curated together for their suspension between representation and reality + ephemerality and permanence;
the air between connects them.



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The work in this exhibition brings tension to the gallery space inviting viewers to pause in contemplation. Intimate moments frozen in time and space, these works defy gravity and evoke ideas of both precarity and strength. Grounded in environmental and sociopolitical issues, these pieces are fraught with poetic resilience. Many existing in spite of forces acting against them, flourishing in the face of harsh winds and difficult terrain.

Hazy, like a memory.
Nostalgic. Tactile.
Records of performances past.
How much change can be brought with a breeze. 

This exhibition is about being present and inquisitive on the threshold of change.

Unravelling emotive qualities of place this collection of works embodies longing and fragility + lifecycles and activism; existing in the air between where we’ve been and where we’re heading.

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