up front w/ Rachel MacFarlane | contemporary landscape

up front w/

Sept 8 – Oct 7, 2022


Norberg Hall is happy to present up front w/ Rachel MacFarlane, a selection of vibrant landscapes that capture the fraught world that we currently are living in. Rachel MacFarlane is a Canadian born, New York-based artist highly regarded for her contemporary landscapes. Well known for her use of colour, form and process driven practice, MacFarlane creates paper models as references for her paintings as the foundation to her exploration of place, memory and the passing time.


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Responding to this pandemic era of unprecedented screen time – while in the midst of an environmental crisis – these paintings capture human’s fall from nature, foregrounding the processed, constructed + mediated representations of the natural which are so widely consumed. MacFarlane’s imagery channels the sublime while also leaving space for fractures in her other-worldly landscapes. Capturing the tension between our paradoxical love and destruction of the natural world these environments are rendered strange; mitigated through memory, nostalgia, and the influence of the screen MacFarlane presents the feverish world that we currently find ourselves in.

up front w/ Rachel MacFarlane | contemporary landscape
up front w/ Rachel MacFarlane | contemporary landscape

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