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Crushed Smithbilt Boss of the Plains

up front w/
Yvonne Mullock

November 20 – January 16, 2021

DARK HORSE is a multifaceted body of work that uses iconic symbols synonymous with cowboy culture – the stetson hat and horse as tropes to explore Calgary’s long and entwined history of ranching and the city’s historic annual Stampede event. Using print, video and sculpture DARK HORSE explores an innovative horse-centric printmaking method and invites viewers to delve into cowboy identity and Western mythologies that hover over the history, collective memory and folklore traditions in Calgary.
DARK HORSE was created with assistance from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and was exhibited at Stride Gallery, July 2016.
up front w/ Yvonne Mullock Hall 2
Conceived and Directed by Yvonne Mullock
Cinematography by Noel Bégin
Sound recorded by Noel Bégin with assistance from Karly Mortimer
Edited by Yvonne Mullock, with assistance from Noel Bégin
Sound Design and Edit by Noel Bégin
Production equipment and post-production facilities provided by Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers via the Fish Fund programme.
With thanks to: Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Stride Gallery, Karly Mortimer, Ann Thrale and Noel Bégin and Shere Kaan.
Left Underbrim Right Crown Smithbilt open crown Boss of the Plains
The print component of the DARK HORSE series are two sets of mono-prints that depict the destructive process of the print-making act. Each print-set is made up of the crushed upper crown and underbrim of each stetson hat. These unique one-of-a-kind prints look hat-like, but also suggest yonic, feminine forms with gentle folds and darkened openings.

The new sculptural edition to DARK HORSE is a bronze cast of a stetson hat. Made by Calgary’s Smithbilt Hats in the historic style known as the ‘Boss of The Plains’, this iconic stetson was crushed and misshapen by the horse during the print-making act. This bronze cast now serves as a monument of the outcome, captured forever in it’s tattered state.
Left Underbrim Right Crown Smithbilt Cattleman Crown Crease
Crushed Smithbilt ‘Boss of the Plains’

Yvonne Mullock is a graduate from Glasgow School of Art and is currently based in Calgary, Canada. Her multidisciplinary art practice explores materiality and the processes embodied in the act of making. Incorporating collage, sculpture, ceramics, video and textiles, her work explores ideas of authorship, craft and labour for both gallery and site-specific installations. Mullock’s deep interest in the making process has been recently manifested in a number of performative works; revealing the destructive action of the given process, acting as a snap-shot in time and outcome serving as a record of the art-making event

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